Yemeni women from social traditions perspective

  • Fatma Abdullah Mohammed Bellal Faculty of Education & Science Rada'a- Albaydha University


The current study discusses the most common negative Yemeni traditions that are against women rights and social position. It sheds light on some popular proverbs related and used to confirm these traditions. The essential aim of this study is to identify these negative traditions and proverbs by showing their painful impact on Yemeni women. The researcher attempted to identify the reasons behind such beliefs and offer some solutions that can rule out or at least decrease following these discreditable traditional codes and proverbs. Furthermore, it tends to investigate the conflict between traditional conceptions and the awareness of women's status in society. Structured questionnaire and interviews were used for data collection. The findings show that most of Yemeni women are treated badly and their social position, rights, and existence as a substantial part of this society have no value. The study reveals that the majority of Yemeni people are affected by traditional beliefs as they regard them as essential parts of their identities and sacred codes. Consequently, the reasons behind such miserable traditions are the lack of education and misunderstanding of religion instructions.

Key Words:Women    social traditions     popular proverbs       position           rights.


كيفية الاقتباس
, F. A. M. B. (2021). Yemeni women from social traditions perspective. Albaydha University Journal, 3(2), 1188-11202. استرجع في من