The Impact of Social Networks on IndividualMoral and Religious Integrity

  • Hanan Mohammed Obad Al-Dirwish Department of English, Faculty of Education and Science, Albaydha University


The present study attempts to answer the question"how are Yemeni people negatively and positivelyinfluenced by Social Networksin terms of their moral and religious integrity?" To pointedly study the topic, the study relies on the exploratory method using two kinds of instruments, i.e. questionnaire and observation. A sample of 132teenagers and youth were selected randomly from the whole population in Rada'a town at Albaydha governorate, Yemen. The findings reveal that there are both negative and positive effects on the users. The findings indicatethat the spread of immoralphotos and videos in Social Networksinfluences individual moral and religious integrity negatively.Additionally, due to thinking of the age of technological improvement, some Social Networksusers,to a moderate extent,believe in everything related to the West andcontinuouslywaste their time using them. However,beside of these negative points, the study indicates that joining religious groups or sharing religious programs in social networks guidesthe Social Networksusers to the right way.

Key Words:Social Media, Social Networks, Islam,Impact, Hadiths andIntegrity.


كيفية الاقتباس
, H. M. O. A.-D. (2021). The Impact of Social Networks on IndividualMoral and Religious Integrity. Albaydha University Journal, 3(2), 1172-1187. استرجع في من