Syntax Semantics Interface and Translation

  • Hamed Shoay Saleh Al-Mogarry Dept. of English, Faculty of Arts, Sana'a University


تهدف هذه الدراسة الى دراسة نقطة الاتصال والتداخل بين علم النحو وعلم الدلالة في اللغتين العربية والانجليزية وبالأخص دراسة تطبيقات منهج النحو التوليدي التحويلي لتشومسكي ومنهج الوظائف الموضوعية لفيل مور في بعض الجمل الانجليزية كنص أصل وترجمتها الى اللغة العربية كنص هدف من خلال التحليل النحوي والدلالي. اوضحت الدراسة وجود اتصال وتداخل بين علم النحو وعلم الدلالة في كلتا اللغتين. واثبتت الدراسة ايضا امكانية استخدام منهج ثنائي في التحليل اللغوي ودراسة العلاقة بين أي لغتين. كما اشارت الدراسة بان التحليل المستند الى علم النحو والدلالة يمكن ان يشكل عاملا مساعدا للمترجم من الانجليزية الى العربية والعكس.


This study attempts to investigate the interface between syntax and semantics in English and Arabic. It is to study the potential implications of Transformational Generative Grammar (TGG) and thematic roles in translation from a linguistic point of view. It  presents a theoretical background of TGG and thematic roles  as the basis of the analysis applied on certain English sentences from three different texts along with their Arabic translations. Those sentences and their Arabic translations are analyzed syntactically according to Chomsky's TGG (1965) and  semantically to  Fillmore's thematic roles (1977). The results of the study show that there is  some kind of interface within these languages in terms of syntax and semantics. This emphasizes the idea of linguistic universals by Chomsky. The application of co-analysis showed that those syntactic and semantic aspects can be relatively similar in English and Arabic particularly in terms of the type of the NPs in the deep and surface structures and semantic roles.

The study concludes that translation is a practical field where the feasibility and utility of linguistic theories and ideas can be tested, and integration and application of more than one approach in translation e.g. TGG analysis and semantic roles can help in producing more appropriate translations. However, it should be stated that syntax semantics interface and its overlapping can't be solely used in translation studies.

Key Words: Syntax- Semantics- Interface-  Translation- analysis- implications.

كيفية الاقتباس
Hamed Shoay Saleh Al-Mogarry. (2022). Syntax Semantics Interface and Translation. Albaydha University Journal, 4(1), 144-155. استرجع في من